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Our Services

Technical Services

In 1972, Roger Kennedy and his team established the technical division of Kennedy cable construction companies. Since then, we have completed thousands of miles of coaxial/fiber splicing, bi-directional sweeping, testing, and trouble shooting. Our state of the art equipment provides this division with the means to perform these tasks and ensures that your network performs at optimum specifications, and meet your technical requirements. KNS's network and performance based solutions include restoration for your cable network, return-path mitigation, leakage repair, proof-of-performance testing, node optimization, maintenance, and power supply upgrades. KNS’s skilled technicians can also perform custom work on your network. Our expertly trained personnel and state of the art equipment give you confidence that you received the best job possible, and makes sure your network meets FCC regulations and requirements, thereby maximizing your cable network’s performance.

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Engineering and design
  • Fiber optic and coaxial cable splicing
  • Splice closure
  • OTDR testing
  • Forward and return sweep
  • Return path activation
  • Ingress suppression
  • Node optimization
  • RF Leakage mitigation
  • Long haul transport activation
  • Power supply upgrade/maintenance

Underground Construction

The underground division of the Kennedy cable construction company was founded in 1972 by Roger Kennedy and a small underground crew in southeast Georgia. This was developed into one of the largest underground construction companies in the southeast United States. Our work is performed by a large network of veteran cable underground craftsmen that have a modern fleet of late model underground equipment, trucks, and tools that allow KNS to handle any size project. We have well trained foremen, operators, and laborers that ensure experienced, exceptional project management and quality workmanship on every job. When needed, we employ only the best subcontractors with a proven track record for completing quality work. KNS practices safe construction procedures, with quality control and follow-up measures, ultimately meeting all completion dates, commitments, and agreements for our customers; including local, state, and federal ordinances and contract requirements.

  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and design
  • Trenching and plowing
  • Directional boring
  • Manhole and duct banks
  • Cable locating
  • Fiber optic long-haul
  • Bridge attachments/river-crossing
  • Buried service wires
  • Rock trenching and boring
  • Micro-duct installation
  • Fiber cable blowing pulling
  • Street cuts and repairs
  • Specialty jobs

Aerial Construction

KNS aerial line crews are well equipped with modern line tools, cable placing equipment, and a fleet of late model bucket trucks equipped to construct quality telecommunications networks. Our project managers have the extensive experience needed to combine safety conscious construction techniques that ensure our work will be performed in a professional and cost effective manner. The KNS office support staff provides documentation of all work performed, meeting specifications and design requirements to ensure accurate, cost-effective installations. Together, our team keeps KNS at the forefront of the latest in aerial construction.

We emphasize quality construction, safe construction practices, and value for our customers. 

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Engineering and design
  • Strand and cable placement
  • Rebuilds and upgrades
  • Wreck-out and disposal
  • Pole change-outs/DOT projects
  • Maintenance
  • Fiber optic cable placement
  • Emergency and storm restoration
  • Cell tower back-haul
  • ADSS Power zone construction
  • Make-ready engineering and construction