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The Future of Kennedy Network Services

future of Kennedy Network Services

The Future of Kennedy Network Services

As a wise man once said, “The best predictor for the future is the past.” Our proven track record of meeting the customer’s needs by applying our experiences, strengths, stability, and adaptability from the past 40 years will be the driving force for years to come.  Due to our longevity in telecommunication construction, the history of Kennedy cable construction companies is one that few contractors have been able to obtain.  We apply old fashioned, yet timely, hard work and ethics-centered commitment to each job we complete.

Employees in the field, and at the home office work together to efficiently meet and exceed the standards in the industry for flexibility, adaptability and quick response to our customer’s specific needs.  As technology advances, we will continue adapting to our customers’ needs and will maintain leadership in the design, construction, and maintenance of telecommunications networks that will drive the information age.

The name “Roger Kennedy” is synonymous with respect, integrity, and ability to work with, and for, customers. Throughout the life span of Kennedy cable construction companies, we have completed jobs nationally and internationally with focus on customer service, commitment, and setting a high standard for goal based job completion. KNS will continue to expand our role by adding new services, state of the art equipment, and the latest technology that responds quickly to the continuously changing telecommunications industry.  By staying one step ahead of competitors, KNS will continue to be a leading telecommunications contractor. 

Future Plans of KNS

In order to continue and maintain the work Roger Kennedy and his team members began in 1972, his son, James Roger Kennedy, III, will join KNS after completing his college degree in Business and Construction Management.  

James will continue the practices his father instilled.

The name KENNEDY will continue to stand for the highest standard in business ethics, and respect for its employees and customers. We promise that KNS will continue to grow with the industry and share the experience we have gained with our customers.  

This is a testimony of our commitment to customers and team members to meet/exceed our common goals in a safe and efficient manner.